5 Quick and Easy Bathroom Organization Tips

5 Quick and Easy Bathroom Organization Tips


Organizing the bathroom is not an easy task. In fact, some people consider it as one of the most daunting task around the house.  No matter how hard or how daunting the task is, it must be done.

Just like any other room at the house, the bathroom must be cleaned, organized, and maintained at all times. It must create a welcoming and stress-free experience every time. If your bathroom looks like a cluttered-fill jungle, here are some quick and easy tips that can help out.

Throw-Out Unused/Expired Items

If you have a bottle of lotions, oils, shampoos, etc. around your bathroom, make sure to check its expiration date.  Most of the time, we tend to forget that some of these products doesn’t last really long than other times. Some only last for 6 months upon opening while some only have 2 months of affectivity.

Getting rid of unused/expired items and even seldom or used-only-once item can help create more open space at your bathroom.

Eliminate or Limit Hair Product Clutter

Brush, comb, hairspray, gel, curlers and hair dryers take a lot of open space at your bathroom, right? Why not buy a plastic container or tub that you can safely place under your sink. At that container, you can put your hair products in an organized manner. This way, you can just take the whole container out if ever you are about to do your hair. Afterwards, you can easily hide them again under the sink. Less mess right?

Divide and Organize Drawers

Divide your drawers effectively by placing your daily used items at the top and seldom used at the bottom. For items that you only use on special occasions, you can put them inside a bag before placing them again at your drawer.

Make Use Of Your Ceiling

If you already run out of open space to store some of your bathroom items, let’s say your loofahs and bath toys, hanging a multi-level fruit basket at your ceiling works wonders. This way, you can easily place your wet loofah and bathroom toy over your tub for them to dry up. You can also use it at your bathroom corner where you can place some of your daily use shower/bathroom items.

Use The Back Of Your Bathroom Door

Aside from towel bars, you can also place racks, hanging cabinets and even closet at the back of your door! For ideas, you can check out Pinterest .

With a little more creativity along with these 5 tips, bathroom organization can become an easier and fun-filled task to handle.

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