4 Simple Yet So Effective Organizing Tips For a Kid’s Bedroom

4 Simple Yet So Effective Organizing Tips For a Kid’s Bedroom


Many parents will surely agree to this: your child’s room is the most chaotic part of your home. In every floor space that you step on, there are broken crayons, toys, and other objects that you did not know where it came from. No matter how hard you try arranging it, your children always find a way to mess it up.

If you have already ran out of ideas about what you should do to bring back peace and harmony in their messy rooms, then we would like to share some amazing organization ideas with you. Who knows! You may just find the perfect organization tip that will work for you.

Keep things under the bed.

Many parents will certainly not agree with this idea since using the under-the-bed space for storage can be quite messy. Lucky for you, there are now many storage bins that you can take advantage of. With the use of these bins, you can safely and properly store all toys and books under the bed. When you do this, your children can easily reach the items that they need. Additionally, they can be able to put the things back in their proper places when they no longer need it. When the storage areas are easily accessible by your children, it will be easier for you to encourage them to clean his room and put his things away.


If your kid’s room is full of things they no longer need, then you may wish to consider decluttering their closets or cabinets to make room for the things they need and use. Put away any toys or clothes that they have already outgrown. As season changes, it is best that you do some spring cleaning so you can be up-to-date about what they still use and what they no longer need. You will be amazed at how much space you will be left with after doing this.

Use boxes.

Having a tight budget is not an excuse for you not to organize your kid’s bedroom. When you have empty boxes lying around your garage or attic, you already have everything you need for your organization project. You can just simply box up all the excess things in your child’s room. You can try painting over the boxes so you can use it to pretty up their rooms. Involve your child in every step so they will be more familiar with organizing their things.

Attach labels.

It is recommended that you place some labels in your drawers. When you do this, you will not just promote organization– you can also be able to teach your little ones where their things should go. If your child is old enough to read, you can use words to label the drawers. If they still have no idea how to read, you can just simply put photos or drawings in the drawer.

Organizing your kid’s bedroom may seem impossible but with these simple tips, you can surely be able to sort out your child’s room in no time.

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8 thoughts on “4 Simple Yet So Effective Organizing Tips For a Kid’s Bedroom

  1. I moved out of my parents’ house a few years ago and she’s still trying to declutter my room, lol. Keeping things under the bed is a good tip, I do that in my current apt. now too to save space.

  2. I am sharing these tips with my oldest daughter as soon as she gets home from school. Her room can be so disorganized so she can use all of the help that she can get!

  3. I will be using these tips for my room and my son’s. The girls’ room would be a full-time job with a pre-teen ADHDer and a Kindergartener sharing a room. They are hoarders of make up and crafting supplies. LOL

  4. Yeah kid rooms are messy for sure. I use empty shoe boxes for their things. I never thought about labeling them. I will definitely try that out. I definitely always use under the bed for storage and to declutter the room. Well besides the closet.

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