NEW APP: KidsTrade – Takes the Fun of Trading Beyond the Playground

NEW APP: KidsTrade – Takes the Fun of Trading Beyond the Playground


Toy trends today are as short as a child’s attention span, but KidsTrade has created an app where kids can easily, and safely, trade toys they don’t want with their friends in three simple steps  snap, post, and trade – it’s easy enough for a kindergartener to use! KidsTrade teaches responsibility, budgeting, financial awareness and a greener approach to consumerism with fun social elements built in.

“Using the app helps kids realize that all those dolls, games and little pieces of plastic cost real money and are still worth something, even after they’ve been tossed aside for the next thing.” says Kelly Harrison, co-founder of KidsTrade. “From a social, financial and ecological perspective, trading can be a powerful educational tool.”

The app was created by a group of parents and safety was the number one priority when developing Kids Trade; it has undergone extensive testing and a thoughtful development process to ensure it’s not only intuitive for children, but also appeals to the safety concerns of parents. Safety features of the app include:

  • Parents must register their children and maintain control over their accounts
  • Parents must approve all actions
  • Parents can block users and tighten boundaries
  •  Since kids are only connected to peers at their own school, a familiar face is always at the other end of a trade.

KidsTrade is officially available for download in the ITunes App Store.

Lindsey Jenn

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