My Journey to Living More Simply {November’s Goal}

My Journey to Living More Simply {November’s Goal}


Hello! How is everyone’s fall going? Can you believe it’s November already? I can’t! The days seem to go by quicker and quicker for me every year, but I am hoping during my journey, that slowing down will become second nature to me. October’s Goal was to try a small daily routine. It seems to be going ok, though some days other things happen and the routine goes a little off track. I am keeping up with doing the daily cleaning and that has made the house run a lot smoother!


So, I’m sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear November’s Goal! So here it is: Taking it slow! Living in the moment!


The holidays are just around the corner, I know! I know! But they really are! Friends and family get-togethers will be taking place, great food will be shared, lots of fun and laughter, late nights, lots of places to go, and lots of people to see! The holidays are busy and you seem to never get a minute to stop and breathe. So for November, I’m going to practice taking everything slowly. I’ll still stick to my routine from October, and will still work on decluttering the house, but I’m gonna make sure I enjoy what I’m doing.


I want to live in every moment. I want to take walks with my kids and feel the breeze and notice all the leaves falling while letting them jump and run.  I want to do this without hurrying them along because I need to make dinner or do laundry. Every night we will discuss what we did and what we liked best. I figured this would be a great goal for November, before the craziness of the holidays come into full force. Take a little time to just slow it down and focus on the now. I hope you will join me and take some time to live in the moment.

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