5 Home Organizing Tips That You Should Know By Now

5 Home Organizing Tips That You Should Know By Now

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Having a well-organized home nowadays is a big challenge, much more if you are a mom with kids. Although it’s quite hard to maintain a clutter-free home, it’s not impossible. The key for a successful home organization is a good plan and great preparation.

Here are few basic yet effective tips that you might find really useful.

Set Priorities, Start Small.

What makes home organization a bit overwhelming is the thought of doing it all at once.  If you have a big house, it’s important to start at the smaller tasks and set priorities on where or how to start.  This can effectively eliminate the stress and frustration that may arise. For example, you can always start at smaller rooms and work your way into the bigger ones.

Create More Storage

If your house is blessed with lots of storage space, room or corners, then organizing will be easier. But if you have limited space, your number 1 priority should be creating more storage or maximizing what you have at home. Storage is pretty important in finding a good place to keep your things out of plain sight. Storing your seldom used stuff to a less visible location can make de-cluttering less stressful.

Start With Closets

Before organizing a room, your first move must be closet organization. Sort those clothes that you seldom use. Put away those shirts and pants that you won’t use anymore. This way, you can create more room or storage for the items you always use. Seeing a clutter-free and spacious closet is quite a good accomplishment. This will make you want to do and organize the house even more.

Use Transparent Containers

Using transparent containers works wonders, most especially at the kitchen. With these containers, you will be able to see what’s inside.  Using transparent and stackable containers can give you good storage space that looks neat and well organized.

Group Your Items Together

Using transparent containers, you can now effectively group your things together. You can select those items that you seldom use and put them in one container. You can also do the same thing for the items or accessories that you use daily.

In your kitchen, grouping those utensils that you use daily on the top drawer is highly recommended. Placing the ones that you seldom use at the bottom drawers also work wonders.

As what I have said above, these tips are pretty basic and easy to understand. You can easily follow them and be amazed on how they can greatly help in your home organizing project.

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4 thoughts on “5 Home Organizing Tips That You Should Know By Now

  1. We have been trying to keep the clutter out of our new home this year. Clear containers are the best! I want to convert one of our kitchen drawers into a spice drawer next because the spices are all over the place right now.

  2. I love organizing, but somehow it never feels ‘done.’ LOL I’m trying to teach my daughter to be tidier and more organized so she doesn’t have to learn it later. 😉

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