Holiday Tips: How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights

Holiday Tips: How to Fix Broken Christmas Lights



It’s that time of year again to dig out those Christmas lights. If your house is like mine….the light sets never seem to work just like I remembered from last year. Lights are burned out or the whole set just plain doesn’t work. Hang tight and don’t throw out those light sets yet! There may be hope to bring them back to life.

Check out one of the handiest new gadgets this season, the LightKeeperPro.  It quickly finds the problem bulb in less than a minute. This new gadget has a bulb and fuse tester, audible voltage detector, LED headlight, bulb puller, light set socket connector, quick fix trigger and a storage organizer. A complete tool for fixing incandescent light sets!

Check out the videos here to see how it works:

The LightKeeperPro includes batteries and also 2.5 volt replacement bulbs.

It takes less than a minute to detect the problem and less than a minute to fix the problem. The enclosed instructions were lengthy to detect the issue, but the videos were spot on and quick for those who do better with visuals. Detect and fix! Try the LightKeeperPro today!

For more info on this season’s new gadget, go to

Here are a few more lighting tips from the pros for your Holiday Season:

  • Measure: To estimate the number of lights needed for your tree, plan an average of 100 lights per every foot of tree height. Serious decorators often double that.
  • Inspect: Before stringing lights, check for broken bulbs and sockets, frayed cords, burned out lights, and loose connections. For sets with bulb outages, use the LightKeeper Pro.
  • Connect: When using incandescent lights, connect no more than three strands of mini string sets together. LED light sets can handle connecting more than 30 strands together.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: Commercial-grade light sets are more reliable for outdoor use because of their durability and thicker insulation.
  • Live and Artificial Trees: When stringing lights on a tree, begin at the top of the tree and wind the strands through its center, widening with the tree’s shape. Real trees should be watered daily. When the tree is purchased, request a half of an inch be sawed off so when you get it home the tree can take in more water.
  • Holiday Hotline: Highly trained lighting tech pros are at your service year round and 7 days a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas: 888-ULTA-LIT (858-2548), or visit

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