5 Effective Shoe Organization Ideas That You Should Implement At Home

5 Effective Shoe Organization Ideas That You Should Implement At Home


In each and every home, more than a dozen of pair of shoes can be found.  Sometimes, it can be more than that, depending on the family size.  If you or your family owns more than a dozen, you will surely need some organization tips and ideas. Besides, you wouldn’t want to see your beloved footwear scattered all over the house, right?

Below are some tips and ideas that can effectively help you organize your shoes. Aside from eliminating clutter, these ideas can also help protect and prevent any kind of damage at your beloved footwear.

Shoe Racks

The good old shoe racks still work wonders.  Just make sure that the shoe rack you have at home can accommodate the number of your shoe collection. If your shoe rack is too small compared to the number of footwear you have, then buying or getting a new one is highly recommended.

Over Door Shoe Organizer

A very popular and clever way to organize shoes and hiding them at plain view.  This kind of organizer varies in terms of materials. There are some that are made from plastic while some others are created out of canvas or cloth.

This organizer has pockets that can accommodate up to 3 pairs of shoes per row. Very advisable to use for each and every room at home.

Cubby Shoe Organizer

A type of organizer usually found or seen inside front doors and entryways.  Material can be metal or wood. This organizer can safely store shoes in a much organized and presentable way.

Under Bed Shoe Organizer

A type of organizer that can be bought along with the bed or you can simply create one for yourself. This organizer can store seldom used shoes in a very organized way. Aside from hiding it from plain view, it can also protect them from dust and any kind of damage.

Shoe Organizer Benches

A bit similar to shoe organizer cubby but this one can be used as a bench as well. They are usually placed at entryways and sometimes at the living room as well. A lot of people prefer this kind of shoe organizer because of its multi-functionality than can be truly helpful for small rooms or houses.

These tips are just few of the many ideas you can freely find around the internet. Hopefully, they are enough to make your shoe organization easier than ever.

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4 thoughts on “5 Effective Shoe Organization Ideas That You Should Implement At Home

  1. I saw for the first time the other day these nice cabinets meant for a mud room, hall way, or entrance way that are designed specifically for holding shoes. They were at IKEA.

  2. I would love one of those benches! We’re kind of trying to figure out what to do with shoes ourselves… up until now they’ve gone on the bottom shelf of a wire rack by the door, but the kids keep climbing the rack/shelves so we want to get rid of it. So they pretty much just go wherever, which is a disaster.

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