The Dove Channel and the Roku Streaming Stick {Review}

The Dove Channel and the Roku Streaming Stick {Review}

I received a Roku Stick ($49.99 value) and free access to Dove Channel ($4.99 a month value) in exchange for this review.  Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Have you heard of the Roku Streaming Stick?  I recently received this to stream with the Dove Channel.  It’s pretty cool. It points anywhere remote. You need Broadband Internet, a wireless router, and a TV with HDMI port.  The ROKU Streaming Stick is perfect for flat screen TVS where you can also stream over 2,000 channels ranging from Netflix to Google Play.  We connected our ROKU Streaming Stick to our TV and started browsing.  Connecting was fairly simple with a few steps to connect Roku and the Dove Channel.

I also received a fun gift from Dove Channel a water bottle and tote bag with DC logo on the front of both.  Love it!

I was so excited to be invited as a Dove Channel Blogger to access all of the amazing family shows.  As a Christian family, this type of entertainment is important to us to avoid all of that junk on TV now and days.  The Dove Channel has great shows like I Love Lucy, Christmas movies, and more.  Our first experience as a family was watching “The Christmas Bunny.”  A great family film for all ages. It’s  about “a lonely foster child that finds an injured rabbit on Christmas Eve and brings it to the Bunny Lady (Florence Henderson) to nurse it back to health.    I love how the Dove Channel displays intensity of content, a synopsis, review, and content description.  It takes the quessing out of wondering if the movie is safe for kids to watch.  Can’t get any better than that.  Go Dove Channel!


We are truly enjoying our free membership to the Dove Channel and using the Roku Streaming Stick with it.  I love how far technology has come for streaming shows.

To stay up to date and learn more about the Dove Channel and the Roku Stick, follow them at links below:

Dove Channel and Facebook

Roku website

I would like to thank everyone at Dove Channel and Roku for allowing me and my family the opportunity of trying out their products and services.  I highly recommend them to all of my readers.  I look forward to streaming wholesome shows and movies with my family.

*Images courtesy of Dove Channel and Roku



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