Getting the Most Out of Your Mileage Tax Deductions with Chuck Dietrich


Mileage deductions can save Americans thousands of dollars in tax deductions.

Mileage deductions are frequently audited so knowing how to correctly track this information is critical.

US workers who use their personal vehicle for business purposes drive more than 10,000 miles per year on average, which could equal deductions of more than $6,000.

Tax season is approaching and Americans across the country are preparing by gathering their documents, receipts and other pertinent information. While many people think about basic charitable giving and work expense deductions, many forget about mileage deductions – despite the fact that more than 55 million Americans qualify for the deduction.

Join me in a recent interview with Chuck Dietrich, Co-founder and CEO of MileIQ, as he explains all the ins and out of mileage tax deductions and how you can save $ this tax season. Here are some of the questions Check addressed:

 *How can Americans save thousands of dollars in tax deductions from their mileage?

*How do we know what and what not to deduct?

*Should we work closely with our accountant?

*Does each state have different rulings?

*Can mileage deductions only be used if there is a business involved?

Click on this link to see the entire interview:


Chuck Dietrich is the Co-founder and CEO of MileIQ and has over 15-years of entrepreneurial experience. Under Chuck’s leadership, MileIQ has quickly become the top-performing finance app in both the App Store and Google Play, and has more than a million users across the US. Chuck was previously the CEO of SlideRocket (acquired by VMware), was a VP and General Manager at during his nine-year tenure at the company and serves on the boards of numerous companies. When he’s not hard at work building incredible businesses, Chuck enjoys spending time with his family and learning from his children, as well as cycling, kite-surfing and back-country skiing.

For more information regarding your mileage tax deductions, go to

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