How is Technology Improving the Prescription Glasses?

Guest Post by Jason Smith

Ever since the founding father Benjamin Franklin in 18th century invented the bifocals, prescription glasses have come a long way. With the immense propagation of smartphones, tablets and other sorts of mobile based application, and the collaboration of science and technology, the field of medical eye care as well as the industry of prescription glasses online has drastically revolutionized.

How Google Glass has Added a Style in Prescription Lenses
 With the announcement of Google adding the Google glass options for prescription glasses, the way people would think about the prescription glasses has totally changed. It was the highly demanding feature and got launched with the face-mounted computers last year. It was the most revolutionizing attempt by the Google that was initiated to make the beta version of its related eyewear more consumer-friendly and sophisticated at the same time.
google glass

(Image Source: google-glass-work-with-your-prescription-frames.1280×600.jpg)

Now people can easily download the free and paid version of the software/apps to perform the eye exams as well as the cataract tests. Even one can also access the complete guide that provides the complete solution for eye care. Even for the doctors, MIT has developed the cataract-testing app that they can use to execute the ostensibly unfeasible task of diagnosing patients from the remote areas of the world.
Further advancement
The symbiotic bonding between the technology and medical science is all set to create the illimitable possibilities to improve the way how professional eye care doctors are delivering the services. The eye care specialists from all across the global are ripping the immense benefits of the technology and allowing the patients to avail tailored services according to their specific needs of prescription glasses. Currently there are approximately 64% Americans wear prescription glasses for the betterment of their eye vision. But most of them are not satisfied with their current eye wears and complaining since their prescription glasses don’t work well in all the situations. Apart from that, one of the core reasons why people face so much of issues with their eyes is because of the hours of direct contact of eyes to the computers in offices and the mobile devices that release intense contrast. This results in headache and impact on eyesight.
google glass 2
Now the technology made prescription glasses are here to change the perception of the individuals who say the eyeglasses industry has become torpid since the invention of bifocals by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century. The marketplace of eye lenses or glasses has now revolutionized on a broader scale with the technology adoption. And this has inspired many companies for designing the host of eyewear solutions to help out the clueless eye glass wearers. This is an era of futuristic lenses that is largely focused on reducing the eyestrain for the people who spend hours staring at tablets, computers and smartphones. According to many optometrists, the light that emitted from the respective devices is harmful for the eyes and over the time can damage the eyesight of the viewer. And this is the reason why lens companies are rolling out the new lenses that will fend off these harmful effects.
Author Bio
Jason Smith enjoys writing on improving technology tips for prescription glasses. He has worked in the eye care industry for over three years and has extensive knowledge of both the eye care health and tips.

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