Perfect Chair for Summer Parties – Portable, Small and Can Sit Anyone

abiie olive with tray

The Perfect Chair for Summer Parties – Portable, Small and Can Sit Anyone 

The dilemma of how to have enough space for summertime parties is now solved. You can host a backyard BBQ or pool party without worrying about the clutter associated with having multiple sized chairs for multiple people. Babies, toddlers, teens and adults will all have a place to sit with the Abiie Beyond Junior Y Highchair. This chair is small and portable and it lasts a lifetime. It’s also beautifully crafted and sustainably made using high-quality beech wood carefully cultivated from forests in Europe. Instead of providing multiple chairs for all your guests at your next party, you just need Abiie – a sleek chair that sits anyone, from baby to adult. 

Abiie Beyond Junior Y Highchair features: 
▪    Multi-use chair for all ages
▪    Blends well with any home decor
▪    Adjusts from a high chair to an adult seat in 20 seconds!
▪    Waterproof seat cushion for easy clean up
▪    Safe for kids with dual-restraint system (includes 3 or 5 point harness)
▪    2015 Gold medal winner of National Parenting Publications Award

Take this chair with you to the neighborhood block party or your next beach party. It’s easy to carry and simple to transport since it takes up far less space than high chairs and large adult-sized chairs. You’ll be impressed at the comfort too.

If you’d like to find out more about Abiie Beyond Junior Y Highchair, check out: www.


*Images Courtesy of Abiie.

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