Spring Cleaning and Outdoor Organizational Tips by Michelle Villemaire of HomeMadeMimi

Spring Cleaning and Outdoor Organizational Tips by Michelle Villemaire of HomeMadeMimi


Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to interview Michelle Villemaire.  This crafty and gorgeous mom of two, TV Personality, blogger, YouTuber and online influencer rose to stardom as the DIY mom on TLC’s “What She Said.” Check out her videos herehttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzn_7-ayBSh3Gu1YFiw5SSA.

In our recent interview, Michelle was such a joy to talk to and was really down to earth and her bubbly and energetic personality really shows her compassion to “Empower Women”.  Some recent achievements she mentioned were being nominated for the Iris Award at the Mom 2.0 Summit as having the “Best Personal Blog of the Year” and she’s currently nominated into the second round of the DIY competition on the Home & Family show on the Hallmark Channel (which still may be top-secret, but she was so excited to mention).  With even all this exciting stuff happening, Michelle was able to share some spring cleaning and organization tips and also a few last-minute Mother’s Day suggestions.

Spring Cleaning Tips:

*Start fresh in all cleaning

*If you’re cleaning out a refrigerator or a closet, take every little thing out and perform a real “deep clean”.  If it’s a refrigerator, even those condiments on the side need to come out.  If you pick and choose what is coming out, you will never get a “deep clean”.

*When you are placing items back in the space, ask yourself if you’re really going to be using these items when deciding to keep or toss. This way you can think about each object as you put them back in the drawer or space.

Outdoor Organizational Idea

*Keep pretty brooms available on your porch or deck for cleaning, so they are there and accessible and ready to be used so you don’t have to go find them to clean when needed.  They will always be right there and always accessible to use immediately.

Mother’s Day Suggestions:

*Pretty letter opener

*Yoga/Meditation/Mindful/Unplugged Classes gift card (anything for moms to recharge to be “in the moment” with their kids and to be able to hit the “Reset Button” on life)

*The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, book by Marie Condo that literally goes thru the entire house by category to purge.

Michelle credits her creativity from her being an only-child and spending a lot of time in her room alone and creating family newsletters, family dinner menus, and putting on shows.  She has always been involved in writing, drawing, acting, etc and plain just having fun.  Well, looks like she continues to relive her childhood by having fun, one day at a time.  Thanks Michelle for sharing with us!

About Michelle Villemaire, HomeMadeMimi:

Michelle is the DIY mom on TLC’s new show What She Said, an Expressing Motherhood alum, and a lifestyle contributor to HuffingtonPost, Babble and Momdotme. She has the skills and experience to create special moments and memorable segments.  Check out her YouTube channel and her blog at http://www.homemademimi.com/.


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