Spend More Time with Your Kids than Cleaning with these Hacks

Spend More Time with Your Kids than Cleaning with these Hacks

Guest post by Amber Cross

Cleaning is one of the time wasters most family face with. Many have quarrels over who should do the work and cleaning seems an endless task. If you have kids you probably would like to spend more time with them than doing the tiresome and tedious chores. Here you will learn some useful hacks how to spend more time with your kids than cleaning. Check them out and see which one you can apply to keep your home healthy and tidy.


Having children you probably spend a big part of your day putting their things away. With a set bin and basket system this can be done easier and faster. Put a bin in each room for garbage and baskets for toys and objects that create clutter. You can invest in shelves or cabinets where to store your bins in the family room and take them out to put them in each room once a day. Having baskets for the clutter and smaller possessions and bins for the rubbish will make your kids tidy and throw away the garbage easier. They will help you with the tidying and cleaning.

Everything in your home should have its own place so that your rooms are tidy and easy for cleaning. Most households have a few drawers or closets for junk items where they gather the clutter. You should clear such closets or drawers at least once a week. Remove items that doesn’t serve you any more to free space and have well-organized furniture pieces. Keeping your cabinets and drawers tidy and systematized will save you time otherwise spent in cleaning and finding the things you need.

If you don’t want to use toxic ingredients for cleaning you home you can use baking soda instead. It is a universal household ingredient which can be applied for cleaning, refreshing and stain removing. Remove shower rings with a paste of baking soda and water. Sprinkle baking soda over dirty carpets and sofas to remove smells and dirt. Wait for the ingredient to work several minutes and hoover it well. You can keep an open box of baking soda inside your fridge to make it fresh and smelling pleasantly.

Waking up to find a dirty house can make you feel exhausted at the start of the day. To avoid this provide a nightly 10-minutes sweeping. Put the cans in the bags for recycling, load the dishwasher, bring the toys of the kids to their places. This way you will start the next day in a healthy and tidy house with less cleaning work to do. Involve your kids in the cleaning. Turn the activity into a game by making it a competition for time. Offer the winner small prices like stickers, toys, trips or others. By taking part in the tidying and cleaning work you will have less things to do and can spend more time with your kids.

You can use your dishwasher for cleaning many other items besides the dirty dishes. Non-porous and heat-resistant things that don’t melt at high temperature can be washed in the appliance. In this number are included kids’ toys, metal vent covers, plastic items etc. Research for each thing you decide to clean online if it is compatible to be washed in your dishwasher and save yourself the efforts and time to provide hand washing. The results will be much better than what you can achieve.

You can spend less time cleaning and more time with your family and kids by using these hacks provided by Super Tenancy Cleaners Hammersmith. Cleaning is continuous work which can prevent you from doing other important tasks. By applying the ideas presented here you will ensure yourself more time for your children.

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