Look at Us Now: A Creative Family Journal {Book Review}

I received a copy of Look at Us Now ($16.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


LOOK AT US NOW: A Creative Family Journal by Bernadette Noll, an interactive diary for families to complete together. Filled with clever questions that will engage parents and kids alike, this illustrated journal encourages families to capture the essence of their lives during the present moment. It’s the seemingly mundane things – the sleep patterns, school choices, and family rhythms and rituals – that make up the fabric of daily life; and Noll captures this with playful prompts, including:

  • The last time we laughed out loud was because…
  • What does family dinner look like? Who talks the most? The least?
  • Inside jokes. Family sayings. And things only our family gets (Spill it):
  • Things we appreciate about each family member:
  • Something crazy that happened this month:

Personally, I’m rotten about scrapbooking and baby books and all that sorta stuff that is getting riled up right now close to graduation time for some moms to put on display at graduation parties.  All those pictures and quotes and awards and first this and first that.  There’s so much!   I keep thinking someday I’m going to do that, but I guess for the moment….I’m enjoying every minute I can in the “NOW” with my kiddos. All other frivolous stuff can wait.

When I received Look at Us Now to review…I was thinking this was just another one of those books…one more thing to fill out, one more thing to remember.  But, it’s not!  It’s much more!  It’s doable!  It’s easy!  AND it actually looks like a FUN project for the whole family.  It would actually be a great project to work on during family dinners or when you’re out to eat and have a little spare time to jot things down or on a family car ride.  This book can be dated to fill out in a year or years, but once completed by the family, what a great heirloom to treasure and share for years and mom wasn’t stuck doing all of it, it was group effort from everyone and the older kids can easily ask the questions and fill it out…answering all those fun things…like…”Something crazy that happened this month” or “Every morning we…” or “If I could do anything tomorrow, I would?….”.  Great conversational piece at the dinner table….AND it doesn’t pertain to technology….just family knowledge.

Great gift for those families you don’t know what to get or even a great baby gift for down the road.  This book will bring family enjoyment.

Look at Us Now can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and anywhere books are sold.  Get your copy today!

About the Author:

Bernadette Noll is the author of Slow Family Living and the co-founder of SlowFamilyLiving.com.  Her writing has been featured in Mothering, Parents and other publications.  She lives in Austin, TX with her four children.
You can find more of her work here

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