Car Rally Expert Ruby Davis Gives Road Trip Tips


Learn How to Make Summer Road Trips Easy, Safe and Memorable from Car Rally Expert Ruby Davis

Up to 69% of Americans will hit the road for summer vacations this year to spend quality time together, according to American Automobile Association. To make sure the next road trip is a blast yet safe, founder Ruby Davis offers some great road-trip tips to make the next journey memorable. is dedicated to helping women searching for their next vehicle to navigate efficiently the tricky and often intimidating car-buying process. The site offers honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools for women to choose the right car and make well-informed decisions.

Car rallies are the ultimate road trip and Ruby, having just finished the Gold Rush Rally from Boston to LA, knows a thing or two to make your next road trip comfortable, safe and amazing:

•    Know the Road Trip Essentials — Road trips are one of Ruby’s favorite things and when embarking on your next one, take along essential items like mists, chargers and dry shampoo as she suggests at

•    What to Keep in Your Car for Emergencies — It’s better to be safe rather than sorry in an emergency situation, so find out what to have on hand for a long drive at

•    Pack for the Road — Use Ruby’s packing ideas but revise as needed based on weather, season and length of the trip like those at

After her own intimidating experiences by pushy car salesmen, Ruby (shown at left) committed to creating a helpful trustworthy resource that would empower women navigating the automotive market. offers content, reviews and partnership opportunities for automotive manufacturers to capture the attention of the all-important female market.


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