Simple Yet Super Effective Clutter Clearing Tips to a More Organized Closet

Simple Yet Super Effective Clutter Clearing Tips to a More Organized Closet

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Closet is arguably one of the most unorganized and overly cluttered spaces at home. This is where we usually hide our stuff to keep them out of sight of visitors. Overtime, the “stuff” we hide piles up creating a huge mess and chaos that may look out of control.

Unorganized closet can lead to stress and great headache. Imagine a scenario when you are in a rush and you are looking for some of your accessories and fails to find it? You are late for work because of the time you spent looking for your belt or tie at your overly cluttered closet. It’s quite annoying and stressful right?

So before any of this happens, why not organize your closet now and de-clutter it? Below are easy-to-follow steps that can effectively help getting rid of the mess inside your overly cluttered closet.

Step 1: Remove all items inside the closet.

Take them all out and sort them one by one. Categorize each item and identify the ones you can throw, donate and keep. This way, you can keep the items you actually use or serve a purpose for you and throw/donate the ones that just eat space.

Step 2: Set some rules.

If you haven’t or don’t have any plans of using some items inside your closet for 3 months or more, you will give or donate them. This one simple rule alone can help avoid cluttered closet. Another rule you can set is that no one opens your closet without your presence or supervision.

Step 3: Improve what you can.

If you can, create partitions or divisions inside your closet to separate your items according to their purpose. You can separate your office uniform with your casual clothes. Same goes with your accessories (the ones you use for office and ones you use when you go out), bags and shoes.

Step 4: Boxes and labels.

If you have lots of accessories, put them in a box and properly label them according to their purpose. For example, one box is for a formal event, another one for casual date nights and one for normal days. Aside from making them easy to locate, you can also put them box in their proper places after using them.

Organizing and de-cluttering your closet doesn’t really have to be hard or stressful. With these simple steps and advice, your clutter clearing journey will be easy and smooth.

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