GOT SCREEN ZOMBIES? How Parents Can Take Control of Their Kids Screen Time

GOT SCREEN ZOMBIES? How Parents Can Take Control of Their Kids Screen Time

At last: Your cheat sheet to workable, positive kids’ screen time solutions.


Who works more hours?

Full time working moms? Part time working moms? Or…Flex time working moms?


Trick question, right?

We’re all working an insane number of hours whether that work is “Paid” work, “Family” work, “Life admin” work or simply “keeping yourself sane & healthy” work.

Working Moms need Life Hacks. We built SmartFeed to hack one of our worst parent pain points – kids’ media and screen time management. Do you value the screen “time”, but despise the screen time battles? We’re here to help.

Remember when your kids were little and we all learned about blending veggies into mac n cheese or adding kale into smoothies — little life hacks to make healthy eating easier for kids and parents? I wasn’t even close to being an organic food maker, but luckily I could find guilt-free organic food options on grocery shelves. Mobile tasty veggie squeezies and more – they weren’t there for Moms even 5 years before me.


Our Kids’ Media cheat sheet is today’s parenting hack for guilt-free screen time.

  1. “What’s known and in sight outsmarts the fight.” Set – and post – screen time limits and family guidelines. Our simple ones:
    1. Don’t even think about asking for screen time until all home work + chores are done…and done well.
    2. People matter more than screens. Stop screens and make eye contact when a human enters your play space.
    3. It’s our screen – but we share. However, you “rent for a small contribution” and own replacement costs in full.
    4. What goes on your screen is most important – make it good and make it meet our family priorities – which leads to…
  2. Make media content your parent partner. Beat the barrage of “no you can’t watch/play/listen to/visit/read…that” by building a treasure chest of fantastic media options your kids can choose from – movies + TV shows + apps + books – titles you’ve prescreened, but they make their own choices.
  3. Use SmartFeed to build your treasure chest. Set up profiles for your childrento customize media lists by interests they love (Animals? Music? Sports?), academic topics you support (Coding? Writing? Geography?) and values or character traits your family prioritizes (Empathy? Gratitude? Grit?). SmartFeed populates your feed with hundreds of movies, shows, apps and books matching your topics, your children’s ages and – clearing any “Watch outs” like violence or profanity you’d like to avoid.
  4. Share what works with the community your kids live in. We don’t parent in a vacuum. No matter what our in-home rules may be, our kids are impacted by the kids they know. Elevate media influences around your family by sharing titles and playlists your family enjoys. You can share ideas with other parents, kids’ teachers – even your babysitter so you know what your kids see out of your home can be as inspiring as what they watch with you.
  5. Vote with your dollars. Inspiring media makers need to know there is a market to make more good stuff. When you find cool kids media titles, grab ‘em and if you can grab them for free – make sure you review them so you spread the good word.


With a little prep (less than it takes to make home-made kiddo food we promise) screen time can be your parenting partner – offering you air cover + good storylines and messages.  Visit them on SmartFeed to make it easy!

*Article and photo courtesy of Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Cynthia Tait

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