Gosh easyFeed Bonds Owners, Pets with Simple Connected Meals

Gosh easyFeed Bonds Owners, Pets with Simple Connected Meals


Busy pet parents are often not able to spend as much time with their pets as desired, but dog walkers or pet daycare can be expensive. The Gosh easyFeed automatic food and water dispensers make caring for a pet from anywhere convenient and interactive. Not only are pets fed the proper portion at each meal and provided with fresh water for all day hydration, the easyFeed also gives pet owners the ability to video chat with pets, ask them to perform tricks and reward them with a snack.

The 20-cup capacity food dispenser can be set to automatically release food at preset mealtimes. Using the free easyFeed app, pet owners can select how much food should be dispensed at certain times of day and view how much food is left in the storage bin. New foods can now be gradually introduced into a pet’s diet without extra effort by regulating percentages of current food and new food using the easyFeed. The easyFeed can also provide owners with insight into their pet’s eating habits, be used to help manage weight and keep pets active during days when they are home alone for long periods.

A built in web camera and microphone on the easyFeed can be used to check in on pets during the day to make sure they are not getting into any mischief. If dogs or cats are spending too much time sleeping instead of being active during the day, easyFeed can help get them off the couch. Pre-recorded messages can be triggered to encourage pets to play, go outside or find a toy. The app can also be used for live video and voice chat with pets. Owners can call their pet to the easyFeed ask for a trick to be performed, then tap the app to reward the pet with a snack.

Amazon customers can link their account with the easyFeed. Whenever the food storage bin starts to run low, the easyFeed will communicate with Amazon to automatically order and deliver food right to their door.

Perfect for dogs or cats, the easyFeed dimensions are 40cm L x 47cm W x 44cm H and the unit weighs 14.5 pounds. It has a food storage capacity of 20 cups and can hold up to a liter of water. The food tray will hold four cups and the water is auto replenished. It operates by plugging into any 100V-240V outlet and also features a battery backup in case of power loss. The easyFeed app is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

easyFeed is currently available for $290. For more information and to place an order, visit the easyFeed website.


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gosh!  is  a  brand  created  and wholly  owned  by Appcessory  Pte  Ltd,  a passionate  IT  accessories  company based  in  Singapore.  Appcessory owns brands and manufactures products people desire. The foundation of this passion comes from understanding that  the  pleasure  of  having  a  smart phone, laptop or any other electronic product doesn’t end by just owning it.

It is about ‘accessorizing’, and scaling up the experience. gosh! aspires to reinvent and amplify life’s moments by designing accessories  that  are  not  just  premium  in  quality; but unique, affordable, thoughtful, and reliable all at the same time. This does seem like a tall order, doesn’t it?  But if we are not going to buy our products, we can’t expect you to. For information on gosh!, please visit: http://www.GetGosh.com

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