Month: November 2016

Don’t Want to Be BIG – Book Review

“Frog does NOT want to grow up. Doesn’t need to be tall. Doesn’t want to be able to jump high enough to see the tree frogs. He’s just FINE being small. Besides, if you grow up, you don’t get to do fun things like jump in mud puddles with your best friend, Pig. Do you?

The Lost Deposition of Glynnis Smith McLean – Titanic Survivor – Book Review

It is early 1912 when teenage newlyweds Ian and Glynnis McLean decide to immigrate from Ireland to San Francisco. Slated to depart as first-class passengers on an American-owned ship, their plans suddenly change when that voyage is canceled due to a coal strike. After the McLeans trade in their tickets for second-class accommodations aboard the Titanic, they unknowingly transform the course of their lives forever.

DIY Race Tracks for Kids

Kids and creativity go hand-in-hand even when it comes to making things whether indoors or outdoors. I recently came across a few ideas on how kids can make their own race tracks for toy cars. These ideas are not only brilliant, but pretty easy to execute as well.

Color Yourself Happy Postcards – Product Promotion

Color Yourself Happy Postcards – 50 Positive Passages TO COLOR and Share is a great book (with tear-out) postcards to color and send to those you love.  “Celebrate Every Tiny Success”….”Time is a Gift”…”Say Why Not Instead of Why” are just a few of the postcard sayings.  Brighten someone’s day by coloring a postcard and mailing it to them.  Snail mail always makes someone’s day.

Should You Use Uber?

Even if you own your own vehicle, there may be times when you need alternative transportation. You may be traveling and far away from your beloved Ford. Or you may need transportation to and from the airport. In the past, taxi drivers were the only real choice.

THE BIBLE in Comics

Arriving on the heels of the nation’s highest-selling month for comics in nearly two decades and a billion-dollar wave of blockbuster comics-based films, comes the world’s most comprehensive Bible in graphic novel form.  With the help of illustrators and inkers holding Marvel and DC Comics pedigrees and leading Christian apologist writers, The Kingstone Bible releases this month to a generation showing skyrocketing consumption of comics and declining Bible readership.