Color Yourself Happy Postcards – Product Promotion

Color Yourself Happy Postcards – Product Promotion

I received a copy of Color Yourself Happy Postcards and Color Yourself Calm Postcards” ($9.99 value each) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”


“Deltiology is the study and collecting of postcards; the study of happiness is a fast-growing field in psychology.

Combine the two with these 50 postcards of optimism, joy, and gratitude, and see how much happiness you can spread! Personalize each card by coloring in the quote and surrounding design, then mail them off to friends and family. Get in touch with your inner artist, and send some smiles!”

Color Yourself Happy Postcards – 50 Positive Passages TO COLOR and Share is a great book (with tear-out) postcards to color and send to those you love.  “Celebrate Every Tiny Success”….”Time is a Gift”…”Say Why Not Instead of Why” are just a few of the postcard sayings.  Brighten someone’s day by coloring a postcard and mailing it to them.  Snail mail always makes someone’s day.

Color Yourself Happy Postcards – 50 Positive Passages TO COLOR and Share can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Also available is Color Yourself Calm Postcards –  50 Peaceful Passages TO COLOR and Share.


Great ideas for stocking stuffers this holiday season!

About the Author

Based in Paris, France, Lisa Magano is a young and talented illustrator who is very interested in drawings and patterns. All of her drawings are first hand drawn. Her “Messages à colorier” series was launched in France in May 2014 and has become a huge success both in France and internationally (over 400,000 copies sold in France, rights sold in 10 languages). She is also very interested in fashion.



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