The #KinderPerfect Card Game Review

The #KinderPerfect Card Game Review

I received a sample of KinderPerfect Card Game ($24 value) to try out in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Are you looking for a unique gift for a new parent? Better yet, something they may not expect? Sometimes mommy and daddy need a “timeout” too. It’s a hilarious card-game for newbie parents as well as seasoned parents. It’s the perfect game to let your guard down and just have fun.

KinderPerfect allows parents to enjoy embracing humor sharing life’s daily parenting moments as one of the “Top 100 Card Games” on the market. Would you believe that the game was created by a husband and wife team? Amy and Wayan Vota are the parents of 2 children from Washington D.C.

“We are fans of Cards Against Humanity, and enjoyed playing it with our friends, but felt it didn’t really speak to our experience as parents. We started adding in our own cards and they were so good, we started playing with our own cards alone. We then thought we should make a real card deck for our fellow parents, but they told us to think bigger,” said Vota. “In between fits of laughter trying to answer cards like “Why is mommy mad?” or “What’s that smell?” they convinced us to launch.”

The Vota’s say they created KinderPerfect card game as a place for parents to laugh at the pain of parenting and create a safe space for them to discuss the real challenges of raising kids. Consumer feedback on the game shows that each card inspires discussions on parenting.

How to Play

The “Parent” player will read out a red Question Card and other players will submit their white Answer Cards. The parent picks the winner they like the best, well, because they said so. The winner then becomes the parent for the next round. You win by accumulating the most Answer Cards.

The game is indeed fun; however, there are a few swear words in the deck, but they can easily be censored and you can just substitute to cleaner words if needed. Since I am not a fan of swearing, I just change the words. It’s definitely a unique game for all parents! You might like it! 😉

I would like to thank the folks over at KinderPerfect for allowing me to try their product!

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