“America’s Got Talent” Kid Stars Unveil New Year’s Magic Event – Interview

“America’s Got Talent” Kid Stars Unveil New Year’s Magic Event – Interview

The dynamic duo recently making headlines as the youngest magicians in the history of NBC’s America’s Got Talent,” and just featured on Access Hollywood Live, will be hosting their very own New Year’s Eve special “Rocketting in the New Year” featuring over 11 breathtaking acts from AGT and around the world. Kicking off the party from their tree house (yes really), Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett will be broadcasting their magical adventures around the world in a remarkable, jaw-dropping countdown to the new year.

As pint-sized, fan favorite competitors on the new season, Kadan shocked judges Heidi Klum, Mel B., Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell who called the 10-year-old a “real life Harry Potter,” after sawing his younger sister in half during his audition (spoiler alert: she survived).

To view their jaw dropping performance, watch the video below:

Magic and performing has always been a passion for the adorable mini versions of David Copperfield. Not even a teenager yet, Kadan has conquered the big screen where he starred alongside Keri Russell and J.K. Simmons in Dimension Film’s supernatural thriller DARK SKIES.  He has made over 1,000 live appearances on theater and cruise ships and starred in the live stage production of Cirque: Illusions of Grandeur.

During their recent busy schedule, Kaden and Brooklyn took time out to answer some questions from us at Michigan Mom Living to share with our readers.  Here’s the interview:

Cynthia:  Kadan and Brooklyn congrats on your talents!  Really enjoyed seeing both of you on AGT!!


Kadan:  Thank you so much!  We had a blast being on the show.

Brooklyn:  Glad you enjoyed it.


Cynthia: First of all, how old are you both and when did you start to have an interest for magic?


Brooklyn:  I’m 9 and He just turned 11.


Kadan:  Ever since I can remember.  I was one day old when my mom & dad brought me on stage at their Branson, MO Theater.  They introduced me to the audience and I’ve seen video and photos but of course don’t remember it.  My first memory is walking out on stage and helping my dad when I was maybe 3 years old.  I did my first trick with Brooklyn as my assistant when she was 3 and I as almost 5.  It’s on our YouTube page!


Brooklyn:  We just grew up watching our parents perform and wanted to learn to do it as well.


Cynthia:  When did you start performing in front of an audience and where?


Kadan:  Besides Branson when we were just babies, our first real performance was on television.  We both started out in Hollywood doing commercials and then I started booking movies.  After starring in DARK SKIES with Keri Russell, I wanted to combine my other talents of magic with my acting and that’s when my Sister & I really started working on an act.
Brooklyn: I remember watching my brother do magic and thought it would be fun to be a part of it.  We play off of each other and I think our act is much better because of how different we are and how we work together.


Cynthia:  Since your debut on AGT, do you feel like celebrities now?


Brooklyn: We get recognized almost everywhere we go!  Kadan was pretty used to it because he has starred in several movies and on TV shows as an actor but I had not done as much public stuff before AGT.   It’s fun though, we enjoy meeting people from all over the world and it’s crazy how many people know us now!


Kadan:  I think we are the same kids as before, we just lots more people that know us now.  It’s cool meeting them and we actually like when they come up and talk to us and don’t just stare and point.  lol  That’s much better when they say something to us.  We got on a plane the other day and as we were walking down the aisle could hear people talking about us.  You don’t know whether to go back and say hi or just keep walking.  It’s weird.


Cynthia:  Tell us about your “Rocketting in the New Year” performance.


Brooklyn:  We are sooooooo excited about our New Year’s Eve Countdown Facebook LIVE!  We have lots of surprises for everyone who watches. I’m so excited to see some of our friends that were on AGT with us this season too.  We have several that are going to perform for everyone and it’s just going to be a lot of fun.
Kadan:  This will be the most elaborate Facebook LIVE’s that you have ever seen!  It’s crazy what all we will be doing and the lengths we have gone to for it all to happen.  I don’t want to give too much away, but I promise that it will be nothing like any other Facebook LIVE you have ever seen.  We have real guest stars that will be there with us, some cool illusions that will happen and it’s all going to be happening in several places all at once.  We will literally be jumping back and forth to get everything done.  It’s going to be crazy fun.

Brooklyn:  We wanted to do something that no other kids had ever done before.  There has never really been a countdown show done by kids for kids on New Year’s Eve.  Certainly not like the one we are putting together.


Cynthia:  What advice do you have for other young performers?
Kadan:  DREAM BIG.  Don’t limit yourself.  Always think & dream big.  I have been blessed enough to get to travel all over the world and I think I see things different because of that.  I would also say read a lot.  Reading is where I have learned so much and have been inspired to try new things.


Brooklyn:  What he said.


Kadan:  That was really profound Sis.

I try.  lol  That and just be yourself.  Don’t try to imitate someone else.  Be your own person and do your own thing.  My Mom taught me that no one can do that as good as you!


New Year’s Eve special “Rocketting in the New Year” can be seen LIVE via Kadan’s Facebook fan page (Kadan Bart Rockett). It will be streamed live on NYE.  Don’t miss it!!


*Interview and pictures courtesy of Anderson Group Public Relations

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