Tax Tips – Penalties, Delays and How to Maximize Your Return – Interview

Tax Tips – Penalties, Delays and How to Maximize Your Return – Interview

No two tax seasons are created the same. Many people end up filing their returns without properly protecting themselves or knowing new laws, penalties and possible credits.

So what are the most important items for taxpayers to know this year? Taxpayers should know that an estimated 15 million refunds are expected to be delayed as a result of a law called the PATH Act, new legislation designed to help protect taxpayers from fraud. People who do not have health insurance could face a steeper penalty this tax season but they may qualify for exemptions. Despite these changes, there are several ways filers can maximize their refunds and avoid further delay.

Jennifer Owens, a master tax advisor for H&R Block, was available recently via satellite to give us further details about some changes including:

  • The top 3 ways to maximize your money
  • How the PATH Act protects taxpayers & who can expect refund delays
  • New penalties for people without health insurance & the exemptions available
  • H&R Block’s solution to taxpayers affected by refund delays or looking for money faster than they can get their refund

See Jennifer’s entire interview here:  

More about Jennifer: 

Jennifer Owens is a master tax advisor for H&R Block, and has been with H&R Block now for 9 going on 10 years this upcoming tax season.  She is also a Virtual and Income Tax Course Instructor for the company, serving as an instructor and Office Manager for the last 6 years. Her tax specialties include home ownership, retirement, charitable giving and tax planning.

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