Give your Child Brighter and Cleaner Teeth with POSEIDON Children’s #SonicToothbrush REVIEW

Give your Child Brighter and Cleaner Teeth with POSEIDON Children’s #SonicToothbrush REVIEW

I received a sample of a Poseidon Children’s Sonic Toothbrush ($17.95 Value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Just recently, I was introduced to a new and improved toothbrush that I think you may be interested in for your child. It’s the Poseidon Children’s Sonic Tootbrush. It contains DuPont Bristles, runs 16000 Pulses per minute, contains colorful LED Lights, and has a 2 minute auto-timer which is ideal and perfect for younger children. No more rush and brush!

My 7-year-old has used this toothbrush for the past two weeks and not only does she love her pink toothbrush, she loves that it lights up and has a timer. It actually encourages her to brush for two minutes. It is usually a challenge to get her brushing effectively, but hey, she’s 7 right? 😉 If you are concerned about your child’s brushing habits, this may do the trick!

What makes these Toothbrushes great for kids? The Poseidon Children’s Sonic Toothbrush features a brush head that lights up with a rainbow of bright LED colors that will make brushing fun. Kids are actually excited to brush their teeth! The Sonic Toothbrush also features an automatic turn off after 2-minutes, ensuring children are meeting the dentist recommended brushing time.

Other features include: High quality DuPont bristles and 16,000 pulses per minute will help keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy.  It runs on one AAA battery that’s included with your purchase.

Where to buy: Available for only $17.95 on and

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I would like to thank ToiletTree Products for giving me and my daughter the awesome opportunity of trying out your product. She loves her pink Poseidon toothbrush. She still brushes effectively with the great light-up timer!

Lindsey Jenn

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