#Stridepost, an App for Tech-Savvy Families, Launches with a 21-Day Game to Motivate Your Family

#Stridepost, an App for Tech-Savvy Families, Launches with a 21-Day Game to Motivate Your Family

Stridepost’s easy-to-use app keeps chores and schedules organized, while developing positive habits for kids through fun incentives

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – March 7, 2017 – Stridepost, a new family motivation app for today’s technology-driven parents and children, is available now as the most simple and fun way to reward kids for getting more involved in day-to-day responsibilities.

Kids today use technology more than ever, and Stridepost uses this as an advantage to bring your family together, while staying organized and getting things done. By spending just a few minutes each day in the app, parents can organize their family and kids can take charge of their responsibilities through to-do lists and calendars, which helps instill lifelong organizational and communication habits early on. Because kids are rewarded for completing tasks, Stridepost makes sure they have fun and stay motivated and excited for the next task.

“As parents ourselves, we were tired of telling our kids repeatedly to do their chores – we know how difficult it is to not only motivate kids to pitch in and help out, but also keep the entire family organized,” said Sandy Aldrich, Co-Founder of Stridepost. “Rather than fighting the technology-driven world every family member now lives in, we’ve created an enjoyable, easy place to incorporate family communication and responsibility into mobile devices. Stridepost is also based on incentives and rewards, which helps kids develop an inner motivation and desire to do things on their own.”

Stridepost’s four main features not only help to keep your kids motivated and excited to complete tasks, but also your whole family organized and on the same page:

  • Allowance & Rewards Tracker – Set points or an allowance budget for your kids to work toward as they check off their to-dos. Each task completed earns points, and on Sundays, these points are deposited into kids’ accounts. Kids can then redeem for prizes determined by either you or them, including cash or rewards from Amazon. You can also deposit cash rewards into a savings account or donate to an organization.
  • To-do List Tracker – Keep track of your kids’ and family tasks better while teaching kids how to prioritize their own responsibilities and develop lifelong organization and time management skills.
  • Family Wall – All members of your family can communicate in one place through private in-app messages.
  • Online Family Calendar – Skip the tedious task of relaying individual calendar reminders to the rest of your family through Stridepost’s master Online Family Calendar. Families can import their Google Calendars and iCal into Stridepost’s Family Calendar and vice versa.

To spark family fun and motivation, Stridepost invites families to compete in the Family Motivation Game, a 21-day game beginning March 7 and running through June 15. Families will improve their communication, organization and task completion, all while having fun, with a special “challenge” to complete each day. Each family can play the game during the 14-week period and then enter a short story on how Stridepost changed their family for the better at the end of the game. Stridepost will select a winning story and the family will receive a Family Fun Pack valued at $300, which will include gift cards for a family night out, including a special activity, dinner and more. Daily challenges will be posted on the Stridepost site and sent via email once the family signs up, so parents can add them to their family’s To-do List Tracker for completion. Rules and regulations for the Family Motivation Game can be found here.

Families can sign up for Stridepost online for a free 90-day trial with full access to the app’s features. Parents can access Stridepost through the Stridepost Parents app (iOS and Android) or through any browser. Kids can access Stridepost through their smart phone or tablet via the Stridepost Kids app (iOS and Android). Families can continue using Stridepost for free with limited access to the private family wall after their free 90-day trial or have access to the app’s full features for $49.99/year.

For more on Stridepost, visit www.Stridepost.com.

About Stridepost

Founded in 2016, Stridepost is a family motivator app for today’s technology-driven parents and children. The app motivates and empowers kids to take responsibility for their schedules, schoolwork, household chores and extracurricular activities by incentivizing them to complete their to-do lists while helping them to become more active members of the family in a fun and simple way. Stridepost works to help kids develop lifelong skills and families to become more productive, organized and time managed. Stridepost is available for parents via the Stridepost Parents app (iOS and Android) and via browser on Google Chrome and for kids through the Stridepost Kids app (iOS and Android).


For more on Stridepost, please visit www.Stridepost.com.

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