EchoCenter Launches in Stockbridge, Michigan, Bringing #Selflessness to the Camp and Conference Experience

EchoCenter Launches in Stockbridge, Michigan, Bringing #Selflessness to the Camp and Conference Experience

“From ZipLine Fun to Team Building, Creative Crafts and Group Study, EchoCenter Helps Develop Relationships and Critical Thinking Skills While Fostering Generosity and Selfless Love.”


Stockbridge, MI — On May 1, 2017, the EchoCenter will open its doors, providing a whole bevy of entertainment and personal development options for residents of Stockbridge and the surrounding area.

Situated on over 150 wooded acres, it boasts walking trails, campsites, a low ropes course, disc golf, climbing and rappelling walls.  Indoors, there are dedicated crafts rooms; its meeting spaces are ideal for all manner of gatherings and receptions.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the EchoCenter also brings a unique humanitarian element to the conference and camping experience. Inspired by Stalow’s “William Hawk” novel series, it provides visitors with opportunities to encounter selfless love – a central theme in the series – through fun and exciting experiences.

“Selfless love emphasizes acts of giving back that push the boundaries of our comfort zone. Relinquishing something meaningful in order to help somebody else who may need it more. Stretching ourselves to lend a hand in situations that might feel awkward and unfamiliar.  Doing so not only provides invaluable service to others, but also forces each of us to dig deep, look inside and evaluate what level of giving is, subjectively, truly selfless,” says Sarah Salow, director of the EchoCenter.

In this spirit, the Center prides itself on being a minimal fee facility for those of economic need.  It will offer the following unique, sliding-scale contribution structure:

  • Play It Forward: Play it Forward fees give each visitor the opportunity to act selflessly by funding their own trip and the trip of a future visitor.
  • Zip Through: The Zip Through rate will fund the actual cost of operating the EchoCenter, per visitor.
  • Climb Up: The Climb Up fee will cover as much of the actual cost of admission as a visitor is able to pay.

Run by Sarah Salow, a former Detroit high school English and speech teacher, the EchoCenter will provide outdoor education and fitness opportunities, arts and crafts and exciting new experiences such as ziplining. It will be available for rental by small groups. Though it upholds Judeo-Christian values, it welcomes all secular groups working to promote the mission of selflessness.

Upcoming events include a University of Michigan Burn Center retreat in May and a gathering of Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan in July. In August, the EchoCenter will host Spring Hill Day Camp for a week.

Initial funding has been provided by a donation from Peak Manufacturing.  Additional support comes through local donations.

For more information:

Director: Sarah Salow,

Address:  4624 Parman Road, Stockbridge, MI 49285



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