Backyard Playroom in Berkley {Mommy Review}

Backyard Playroom in Berkley {Mommy Review}

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Someone mentioned Backyard Playroom in Berkley to me several weeks ago and I was very excited when I looked it up online. It looked amazing!  We were not disappointed when we got there.  A very nice woman greeted us at the door and explained the rules and what to do.  Once inside the playroom it was like a little kids dream!  It had an amazing sensory wall, tee pee, kitchen, and a rock climbing wall with a slide!

I really love the fact that a lot of the toys are more organic and made of wood.  It was definitely busy, but so great everyone played well together.  They even offer a changing table and restroom right there.  There was a station with complimentary tea and coffee.  The best part is….it’s all offered free. We have been back several times! Hope to see you there.

Here’s a little bit of information on how it came to be! Nathan led the charge for funding the project and designed/built the space (with help from a lot of volunteers too). This project took well over 1600 volunteer hours to create. Nathan said the space had been a pretty tired nursery before with lots of hand-me-downs. The space was being used by many MOMS Clubs and he had the vision for a change!

“We saw that if we could offer a high-quality indoor play space to the community it could fill a huge need, especially given the Berkley area baby boom in the last few years. Both the church and the MOMS club are really service oriented.”
– Nathan

The volunteer coordinator Natalie really wanted me to emphasize the fact that this is a volunteer based program, which enables it to be free. They are very much in need of volunteer hosts. If they are able to cover Tuesdays and Fridays with volunteer hosts, they will be able to expand that free program to additional days and times. Hosting is super easy and fun! You can sign up here or at

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