American-Made Buddy Thunderstruck Now on Netflix

American-Made Buddy Thunderstruck Now on Netflix

Have you watched the new “off beat series” perfect for “kids and families” — the one and only Buddy Thunderstruck?

Buddy Thunderstruck, is a brand-new stop-motion television kids’ series created by Ryan Wiesbrock and a new Netflix Original Series. The series, which debuted back in March, follows the adventures of this special semi-truck racing dog and his albino ferret mechanic, Darnell. Buddy’s the brashest, fastest race-truck driver you’ll ever see!

What makes Buddy so great (besides being the coolest dog around) is that all animation of this show – from animation, staffing, editing, to music and more was excited in the United States, which makes Buddy extra patriotic!

This series is geared for ages 6-11, yet has humor and timing that will appeal to parents/older audiences.

Check out the trailer here:

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Ryan Wiesbrock Bio:

Ryan grew up in a small town in Illinois and went to the Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida for a degree in Illustration.  At his first job, he worked for a small, Connecticut-based company that made educational CD ROM games.  During this first job, he was able to be a producer and to dabble in all aspects of production – writing, voice acting, animation, story boarding, editing and song-writing.  Ryan then moved to Cleveland to be part of American Greetings Entertainment, where he has worked for the past 13 years.  While in Ohio, he developed original IP for entertainment and consumer products, show-running original productions and eventually overseeing the creative studio that provided all the art assets for the AG catalog (Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobbie, Madballs, etc.)  In 2013, Ryan moved to LA to work out of AGE’s office there and lead the development and production team there. Aside from overseeing the development of our original IP and entertainment productions, he happened to create the Netflix Original Series “Buddy Thunderstruck” and was hands-on for the entire production alongside Stoopid Buddy Studios.

*Photo and info courtesy of American Greetings Entertainment

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