Career Coach Rachel Kim- How to Ask for a Raise {Interview}

Career Coach Rachel Kim- How to Ask for a Raise {Interview}


Americans deserve a raise, but they don’t know how to get one. That’s especially true of the youngest college-­educated professionals, who also bear record levels of student debt.

To change this – SoFi, a new kind of finance company, presented Raise Week on May 15, a week-long public campaign to encourage Americans to think about their value in the workplace and take action to help them get what they’re worth. The campaign seeks to educate young professionals on how ask for a raise, how to ask for other non-monetary benefits, how to know when it’s time to change jobs/industries, and for managers on how to handle advancement conversations.

Economic data and survey analysis of Americans paint a large ­scale problem in compensation:

·       U.S. companies are planning to boost pay in 2017 by around 3% on average (the same as in 2015 and 2016), but economists expect inflation of 2.5%, reflecting a downward trend in real wages;

·       According to a recent SoFi survey, 50% of young, college­ educated professionals did not negotiate salary for their current or new jobs; and,

·       54% of that same survey group said they don’t know their market value.

Join me in a recent interview with Career Coach, Rachel Kim as she touches base on current raise questions:

·       Are most Americans paid what they are worth?

·       How can do we know if we are being paid what we are worth?

·       Is there a correct way to ask for a raise? What are the most common mistakes people make when asking for a raise?

·       When asking for what we are worth – should we consider non-monetary benefits in our compensation package?

·       Is it sometimes necessary to change jobs to get what you are worth?

·       Where can people find out more on how to claim your workplace value?

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More About Rachel

Rachel Kim is a Career Strategist and Coach at SoFi, developing and delivering content and one-on-one coaching to support SoFi members make progress towards career success and happiness. Rachel received her coach training from the Coaches Training Institute in 2012. Rachel’s previous professional experiences include designing and leading pro bono programs at the Taproot Foundation and implementing leadership development and capacity building initiatives at Thrive by Five Washington, the NYC Leadership Academy, Sesame Workshop, and Chinese for Affirmative Action.

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