Last Minute #FathersDay Gadget Gifts for the Techaholic Dad

Last Minute #FathersDay Gadget Gifts for the Techaholic Dad

 Looking for some last-minute Father’s Day gifts to feature? Take a look at this list of new quirky and practical gadgets for the tech-obsessed dad. 

Pimp up dad’s car with the DDPai X2Pro dashcam

Film the road or record the family’s car karaoke. DDPai has dual high definition lenses, one camera faces front and the other to the rear coverage at every angle to ensure maximum safety and security on the road.

Dad will love the fact that a dashcam can reduce insurance premiums as well as protect from scams on the road. The family will adore the camera app, which has a one million strong community to share videos and explore the world through the eyes of DDPai dashcams.

The X2Pro is available for $299 and is available from DDPai’s online store.

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Capture family moments in 360° with Dokicam

With 4K stills, 3K videos, livestreaming and one-click sharing to social media platforms, this is the camera for all fathers who want to share the good times with their families in 360.

Originally designed for shooting sports, the pocket-size Dokicam is sturdy, lightweight and super portable. It weighs only 140g and can easily be mounted on a tripod, handlebars, or helmet to get that perfect 360° shot.

Dad can view and download footage in Tiny Planet, VR, Fisheye, or Hemisphere 360° mode. Try each in real-time preview in the DokiCam iOS and Android apps.

DokiCam RRP is $230 and is available at its online store.


Customised earphones from HelloEar ARC

Earwear experts HelloEar tailors each pair of ARC earphones to fit the individual wearer, to provide the most comfortable and secure fit when enjoying music on-the-go. Each set delivers crystal clear sound and deep rich bass at an affordable price.

The ARC’s innovative modular design means the custom in-ear section of the earphones can be used with various components. Users can transfer from wired to wireless in seconds.

Powered by Danish miniature acoustics experts Sonion, each pair of ARC earphones feature high quality speakers with an impressive depth of sound. They are perfect for commuters to drown out ambient noise, or for the gym as they stay snug in the ear and cause no pain.

The customisable earphones are available on HelloEar’s online store at an RRP of $199 for the Bluetooth version and $149 for wired.


Smacircle S1 backpack sized ebike

The Smacircle S1 is an ebike ideal for the town and inner city commuter. It folds up in five quick and easy steps to fit in a backpack. The S1’s high-quality Samsung battery delivers a distance of 12 miles on a single charge. To get back in the saddle simply plug into any domestic power socket for 2.5 hours.

The S1 automatically connects to a smartphone when the rider is within range. They can easily attach their smartphone to the handlebars and keep the device topped up thanks to a built-in USB charger.

It is supported by an iOS or Android app for users to lock and unlock the ebike. When locked, the accelerator is deactivated and no-one other than the dedicated user can ride the S1.

The app also adjusts the lights’ intensity, tracks routes, monitors speed and battery life.

Smacircle is available to order on Indiegogo with a 53% discount on the RRP of $1,499. For more details click here.


Turn dad in James Bond with Sublue’s WhiteShark MIX

This twin propeller underwater scooter is perfect for a family or lads and dads holiday. The handheld device is a diver’s best friend as it helps them glide along the seabed, saving energy and oxygen, or propel swimmers through the water for top fun in the pool.

Even kids can use it as little hands and fingers are protected from the propellers. Memories can be captured and shared thanks to a built-in GoPro mount, positioned to capture incredible underwater images and videos.

Dad can take it anywhere as it’s made from specially formulated plastic and weighs only 6.5lbs and is small enough to fit in a backpack.

The WhiteShark MIX is available on Indiegogo for 30% off the RRP of $499.


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