Homeschool Bill – HB 4808 – Needs Support

Homeschool Bill – HB 4808 – Needs Support



Below is a press release from State Representative Reilly’s office.

Rep. Reilly bill to defend privacy for homeschool students

State Rep. John Reilly introduced legislation to protect homeschooling families from a planned requirement that they submit Educational Development Plans to a local school district.

Education Development Plans are academic and career evaluations, mandated by the state’s Department of Education for all public school students starting in the seventh grade.

“Credible sources have reported to my office that the state Department of Education will seek a regulation to require all homeschool students taking more than two courses at a virtual academy to submit an Education Development Plan,” said Reilly, a member of the House Education Reform Committee. “We have thousands of homeschoolers across the state of Michigan that are thriving in virtual academies thanks to new found cooperation between homeschooling parents and local school districts. Maintaining student privacy has been integral in forging these new great relationships.”

House Bill 4808 was introduced today and has been assigned to the Education Reform Committee.

“We cannot jeopardize the educational progress and freedom for approximately 50,000 homeschool students in Michigan,” Reilly said. “They are doing well, so we have to make sure this co-operative relationship can continue without any limitations or invasions of privacy.”

You can read more here:

How can we help?
1) Send this to everyone who wants to help preserve our homeschooling freedoms
2) Contact your state reps (only your representatives please!)
3) If your state representatives is on the education committee, please encourage them to pass this bill and protect our homeschooling freedoms!

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