School Time! Tips for an Organized and Tidy Study Area {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Sophia Evans


Can you feel it? School is here! Yay! With the school year here, parents will finally have time for themselves. But, before taking a break from the hectic lifestyle you’ve been leading for the past three months while the kids were off school, you need to make sure that you’ve supplied your kids with everything they’ll need to reach new academic heights. That is – you need to find them a good study space.

Some residences are furnished with excellent study areas, but for those of us who weren’t lucky enough to live in such residences, to find a room with enough light and free space for our kid to do their homework undisturbed may be a lot harder than we first thought. But it’s not impossible.

Parents, you have to take several things into consideration when creating the perfect study area: the furniture, the light, and the distractions. To make the best study area, you need to work in a certain pattern – you need to find your children comfortable and adequate furniture (not too comfortable, though, as your kid may fall asleep), you need to make sure the study desk has enough light (use natural light if possible – but know that your kid may get distracted easily as they gaze through the window), and last, but not least, you need to furnish the place in such a way that your kid stays focused as long as possible. The first two things are not hard to get done, but you’ll have to beat your brains out in order to think of how you’re going to keep the distractions away from your kid’s study area.


1. No telephone. No TV. No PC (if possible).

Today’s children are not like us – they practically can’t live without their electronic gadgets and gizmos. But, as you know, these things distract. So, if you want your children to actually study when they’re supposed to study, make sure to eliminate all electronic gadgets around them for a cleaner study space. If, on the contrary, your kid needs their laptop or computer to study, make sure they don’t use social networks or other distracting things while they’re supposed to study.

2. Schedule is important

To create a scheduling system is important both for your child and also for you, too. Place a calendar close at hand so that your child can follow their progress, and it’ll also be easier for you to keep track of your kid’s studying progress, too. You can also add children’s birthdays and planned holidays on the calendar to motivate your child to study harder (it’s proven that people are likely to be more hard-working when they are expecting something pleasant).

3. A desk abundant in pens is a desk that keeps a child focused

It will be very easy for your kid to distract if they have to go rummaging through the house in search for a pencil or eraser. Invest some money into binders and folders, and set aside some money for a good pen organizer, too.

4. Keep the space clutter-free

Teach your kid to clean their study area. It may take you a lot of time to do it, but it’ll help your kid in the long run. It’s a good idea to teach your children to perform small cleanups during study breaks – thus, they won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up when they are done.

Creating a good and clean study area will stimulate your children to study more diligently. A small investment can go a long way, remember that.

Sophia’s Bio:

Sophia Evans is part-time writer, part time traveler. As a mother she knows how important is to ensure a clean and organized study space for her kids.

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