Glossing All the Way with #HardCandy! {Review}

I received samples of Hard Candy Lip Gloss Collection ($25 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Do you adore colored lip glosses as much as I do? It’s the perfect alternative to cakey lipsticks for sure. Of course this my personal opinion! 😉  Here is a short and sweet review…

I was recently introduced to Hard Candy’s Lip gloss collection: Wet Shine, Matte, and Metallic! I must say that the Metallic is not for me, but the Wet Shine and Matte go great together. The colors give a nice variety. If you are just looking for something fun and festive, these are for you! Personally, I think these are fitting for the older teen crowd.

To learn more about Hard Candy and their products, click here. 

I would like to thank the folks over at Hard Candy for giving me another opportunity to try out their products, it’s always exciting and fun like Christmas morning! =)  With that said, these would make perfect stocking stuffer gifts!

What is your favorite Hard Candy product?


Lindsey Jenn

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