Must-Have Free Apps For Working Parents {Infographic}

As a working parent, it can be so hard to find any free time at all. Your life can be dominated between a demanding job and the multitude of tasks at home. This infographic from HappyCleans takes you through a selection of apps that can help you to manage things in your life a little better. It shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of one person to do everything and at least some of your evenings should be set aside for relaxing. An app called Chorma might be able to help you get the rest of the family involved in household tasks – at least a little bit!  It turns it into a competition and everyone earns points based on tasks done. Okay, you still might be doing the majority of tasks, but if the kids helped out just a little bit it could save you a few hours every week. This time could be used to do something you enjoy rather than picking up the mess your kids have left behind them.

Many parents will also struggle with budgeting for every expense that comes along. An app called Mint lets you keep track of all the expenses on one app. This will make it less likely that you run out of cash as it’s all there for you to see on the app. It even recommends areas you can save money. Check out the full infographic for more information on great apps for working parents.



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