Jezter: The World’s First Digital Babysitter! {App Promotion}

Jezter: The World’s First Digital Babysitter! {App Promotion}
Jezter is a new style of entertainment platform for children ages 2-12. The app features a catalog of pre-selected digital content for children with all interests! Choose from hundreds of titles in YouTube, comics, games, educational and more.

By logging in as a PARENT, Jezter allows users to personalize their child’s screen time. Browse our catalog, preview content, add it to your library and then simply drag and drop to create a playlist! The playlist can be as long or as short as you want it to be. So whether you need an 8 hour “Road Trip” playlist or a 30 minute “Before Bed” playlist, Jezter has you covered! Parents on the go can choose from our selection of QUICK PICKS, which are pre-curated playlists, created by our team.

By logging in as a CHILD, Jezter allows users to browse and launch media in a safe, curated environment.
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Parents, remember to turn on the Guided Access feature within your settings for increased parental control. GENERAL>ACCESSIBILITY>GUIDED ACCESS>ON. This will allow the user to be locked to Jezter without the possibility of exiting the app.

Jezter is not just an entertainment platform, it is also for educating. Allow your child’s device to be turned into a digital classroom where they learn how to code, explore places that they have never been to or practice their math skills with fun algebra games!

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For more information or to get started, go to

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