No More Mean Girls {Book Promotion}

No More Mean Girls {Book Promotion}

I received a copy of “No More Mean Girls” ($17.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

In this 2017 National Parenting Product Award Winner… No More Mean Girls, Hurley is trying to convey….”The Secret of Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls”.

As we know in this fast-paced world, life is getting harder and harder at a younger age.  What used to be junior high (middle school) and high school scenarios like bullying and teasing, etc are now creeping into elementary schools where girls are feeling hopelessly left out or teased at an even younger age.

Hurley tries to combat some of these issues by discussing “What’s in a Friend” and being “Likeable” and “Popular” and “Perfect Girl Syndrome” and many other problems daunting school age girls.  With so many negative behaviors on tv and social media, it’s tough for young girls to build healthy friendships…relationships.  Hurley also wants to ensure “How to Build an Authentic Self” and to ultimately “Find Your Voice and Express Yourself”.

Sounds like a lot to digest, but all in all at the end of the book Hurley also shares the importance of coaching parents  of “Growing Great Leaders” and “Raising Socially Responsible Girls”.  Our kids need our help in becoming the best person they can be from us and not the social world.  Not an easy task, but doable!

No More Mean Girls can be purchased at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

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About the Author

Katie Hurley, LCSW, is a child and adolescent psychotherapist, parenting expert, and writer.  She is founder of “Girls Can!” empowerment groups for girls between ages of 5 and 11 and the author of The Happy Kid Handbook.

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