Cobra Safety Walkie Talkies {Product Review}

Cobra Safety Walkie Talkies {Product Review}

I received a set of Cobra Family Safety Radios Model FS300-2 ($29.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

The Specifics: 

Family Safety Radios

Cannot find your child?  Do not worry, Our Family Safety Radio can help!  Call your kid from the secure Adult Radio and your child or someone nearby can answer from the Child Radio without a press of a button.  The red LED light will also flash and can be seen from a distance.  The Child Radio comes with a lanyard which can be worn by the child.  The ergonomically designed Adult Radio operates within a 5-mile radius when paired with the Child Radio.  It comes with full features: roger beep confirmation tone, power saver circuitry extends battery life and call alert provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls.


    • Two Adult Radios + Two Child Radios – A solution designed for family safety.
    • Child Radio Up to 5-mile range – When paired with Adult Radio.
    • Adult Radio Up to 16-mile range – When used with other FRS Radio.
    • iVOX – Intelligent voice-activated transmission enables people around a child to respond to a call without touching a button to give the location of that child.
    • Waterproof – Child FRS is designed to IPX6 waterproof standards.
    • Roger beep – Confirmation tone indicates to others it’s clear to talk.
    • Power saver circuitry – Unique circuit extends battery life when not transmitting or receiving.
    • Call Alert – Provides a recognizable alert for incoming calls.
    • Comes with lanyard for a child to wear around their neck.
    • Already Paired Ready to use without setup. No cell service required.


My family had the pleasure of testing these walkie talkies out first hand.  Now, keep in mind, my 8-year old son is already obsessed with the set he already has and they are about worn out, so this review was right down his alley.


*As a parent, the radios are a bright color, and that is totally a bonus for locating them as usually radios are black and whether they are left inside or outside, these colorful radios can be found in a heartbeat and not blend in with a dark background.

*The radios are very clear sounding for even those kiddos that hold them too close or mumble into the speaker.

*The lanyard hands-free option is great for those kiddos who are younger and don’t have the concept yet of pressing the button to speak.  It’s sound activated and the kiddos only need to speak into it.

*These radios were already paired up and are easy to pair with other (brands) radios and as long as they are the same channel, they are good to go.  We actually had 4 radios going at one time.


*The distance range was only around 1 ½ miles for our rural area.  We were hoping for a bit further distance.

*The lanyard hand’s free option doesn’t always get the beginning words when speaking.

All in all…the family really enjoyed these radios and test driving them.  I’m thinking these radios will last for a long time and be a hit in any family household.

Check out these radios and more radio option at

 *Photo courtesy of  Trekr Technology


Cynthia Tait

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