Intertwining: Home Office and Limited Living Space {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Victoria Lim

Working from home has its benefits and flaws as well as any other workplace. If you want to ensure high productivity levels while working whether from home or from an office, you should decorate your space so that it inspires and motivates you. Here are some tips on how to incorporate a home office into your home and create an inspiring spot for yourself.

Not every spot in your house is the right for your new office. Especially if you are a mother of two who are really sociable and strive to spend every minute of their day talking and playing with their mommy. Sometimes you just need a break from life so it is very important to find a perfect location in your home where you can work without being distracted every minute of the day.

Choose the right spot

Choose the right spot.jpg

Choosing the right spot for your home office depends on your affinities, from the small things like do you want your desk to be positioned so that you are looking at a wall or you want a view of your street or backyard, do you want it to be a separate space in your home or you don’t mind using a living room corner for an office. Individuals with small apartments will obviously opt for an improvised office. After choosing what is perfect for your needs, it is time to focus on creating a positive vibe in your private space.

Create a good flow

Create a good flow.jpg

No matter how small the space for your office is, with the right arrangement of furniture and equipment you can create a perfect workflow. Choose functional pieces of furniture that are changeable and easy to move and set up the office in a way that everything you need is within your arm’s reach, neatly organized in its own place. Organize the cables behind your desk so that you can reach them and keep them out of your way when cleaning.

Neutral color palette

Neutral color palette

Choose light colors for your office space and neutral tones. You don’t want to create a space that is overflowing with distractions and decorative elements; you want a space that will keep you concentrated on the work tasks. Create an inspiring interior, add several personal items like picture frames, motivational messages, figurines or similar to make it comfortable.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature

Working from home gives you the chance to adjust the office space so that it inspires you and makes you feel comfortable spending time in it, focused on work. It is good to create a nature-inspired office space and to let natural light inside since it will affect your mood and help you stay concentrated on your tasks. Make sure to ventilate the office often, to let the fresh air circulate the space to make it more pleasant. Adding greenery can help create a positive atmosphere and installing a small desktop Zen-garden can also be a great way to reduce stress levels while working. That way you will be calmer and in a better mood after the work is done and your kids start showing you their love!

Equip your office

Equip your office

If you want to be productive and focused on your work, you should invest in all the necessary equipment so that you don’t have to interrupt your tasks because you don’t have a scanner. Make a neatly organized space, clutter-free office with all devices and electronics you need. As long as you stay organized there will be no need for overcrowding or installing additional storage in your tiny office. A pro tip – separate your private phone line from the business one. Also if your line of work requests a large amount of office material or you need a documents archive it is smart to invest in a reliable long term storage facility where you will be able to safely store all the necessary files.

Make a break for a quick workout

Make a break for a quick workout

The most important thing when designing your home office is to invest in a quality ergonomic chair because you will be sitting most of the day and you want to avoid back pain. Find some easy work yoga exercises to work out when making a break and get your blood pumping and achieve better focus.


Follow these simple tips to create a perfect and cozy working space in your home. Think about what you need for your work and make sure to supply your office with all the necessary equipment and office supplies. Let your home office design inspire you to be productive!


Victoria is a lifestyle writer and a true home improvement and DIY fanatic in constant pursuit of trying something new. She’s in love with life, love, and self-love. Her fields of expertise include home decor, interior and exterior design, landscaping and walking a dog for miles and miles. Psychology is also a topic she likes to explore along with some nice cup of green tea, where she’s sometimes making a difficult decisions about which tea would be perfect for her next cup. You could say she’s an avid tea-drinker.

*Photos are courtesy of Victoria Lim

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