Parenting Expert Shares Strategies for Conflict Resolution at Home & At School

Parenting Expert Shares Strategies for Conflict Resolution at Home & At School

A parent’s urgent cry for help after a school shooting in Erfurt, Germany forced school officials to seek professional help and dig deep into behaviors at home.

Leeza Carlone Steindorf, an international communications expert specializing in peace education in schools and empowered parenting strategies, was brought in to make change. She designed a program to help families improve communication, reduce anger, design a positive attitude, resolve conflict, build self-esteem and eliminate bullying from a child’s life.

This program, CORE Success™ was so effective in bringing peace, it gained national acclaim in Germany. It was accredited by the German Educational Department of Hessen and it was taught to over 30 cultures, proving its universal application and success.

In light of the recent shootings, American school’s are now looking to Steindorf for support. She is helping to reduce violence and promote peace by teaching families and educators strategies for communication and relationship building.

“Change starts at home…but since kids don’t come with instructions, and there’s no degree for being a parent, families must learn how to empower their children and promote open, authentic and clear communication.”

…says Steindorf who is on a mission to reduce violence by helping youth, parents, and educators create transparent communication and positive, strong relationships.



Leeza Carlone Steindorf is a leading speaker and trainer on issues concerning youth and teens, parenting, family relationships, communication, personal development and conflict resolution. Her work is internationally acclaimed and accredited. She holds professional certifications as a Trainer and Group Facilitator, Mediator, Business and Life Coach, and holds a degree in Business Management. An inspirational speaker, seasoned business consultant and award-winning author, Leeza is a trained Tony Robbins Results Coach, Canfield Success Trainer, Quantum Leap Mastermind Coach, Women Undaunted Facilitator, Corporate Trainer and Mediator.

Leeza is also the author of several parenting programs and books including the award-winning title, “Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids,” “CORE SuccessTM for Schools,” (Frieden lernen in German), and the “Parenting Success Blueprint.”
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