Softstar Launches the ‘Scout,’ a New Minimal Shoe for Kids

As kids join their classmates to kick off a fresh year, a classic, comfy shoe will be high up on the back-to-school list. Just in time, Softstar Shoes, a specialist in handcrafted minimal footwear, has added the new Scout to its youth line.

The new Scout from Softstar comes in 4 beautiful and kid-friendly color combinations.

The new Scout from Softstar comes in 4 beautiful and kid-friendly color combinations.

Soft leather uppers and suede soles make the Scout a great choice for growing feet.

Soft leather uppers and suede soles make the Scout a great choice for growing feet.

A moccasin-style shoe designed for the classroom and light outdoor use, the Scout is Softstar’s most minimal kids’ shoe. It features buttery soft leather uppers, suede soles, and thin, resilient memory foam midsoles—all flexible, lightweight materials that allow for natural movement. An elastic ankle closure allows the shoe to be slipped on and off with ease. The Scout is available in baby, child and youth sizes and comes in four adorable color combinations.

“As a mom of three kids who have grown up in Softstars, I’m so happy to offer families this new style,” says Softstar CEO Tricia Salcido. “The Scout is a simple everyday shoe that’s thoughtfully designed for healthy, growing feet. Parents seeking shoes handmade in the USA out of natural materials won’t find a better value anywhere. Plus, they’re so cute!”

The Scout is well-suited for students in schools that request soft-soled classroom shoes, such as Montessori or Waldorf schools. Secure, non-constricting classroom shoes promote the balance and proprioception necessary for active games and other kinesthetic learning. Additionally, soft-soled footwear makes it comfortable for students to sit cross-legged on the floor during lessons.

The Scout Moccasin joins Softstar’s versatile line of children’s shoes, which includes sandals, boots, slippers and more. Footwear with soft, flexible soling is especially important for children because it supports the development of strong, healthy feet. According to podiatrists, wearing traditional (stiff) shoes for long periods during childhood can mold kids’ developing bones to the shape of the shoe and force toes to squeeze together, potentially resulting in foot health problems as adults. Balance, healthy toe splay and natural development starts with barefoot-style shoes—helping kids grow strong from the ground up!

Visit https://www. scout-moccasin-smooth.html to view the Scout Moccasins on the Softstar website.

About Softstar Shoes:

Softstar has been designing and handcrafting minimal footwear since 1985. With an emphasis on high-quality, flexible materials that allow for free and natural movement, the company offers a range of styles for kids, youth and adults. All shoes are handmade in-house from responsibly sourced materials, have a “barefoot” feel, zero-drop soles, and encourage healthy toe splay and strong feet.  Softstar ships worldwide from its workshop in Philomath, Oregon.

*Photos courtesy of Softstar Shoes

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