Chef Marc Forgione Demonstrates Farm-to-Table Dish in Honor of National Farmers Day {Interview}

Chef Marc Forgione Demonstrates Farm-to-Table Dish in Honor of National Farmers Day {Interview}


With National Farmers Day on Friday, Oct. 12 just behind us, Chef Marc Forgione and Dairy Farmer Nate Chittenden were available in a recent interview to talk about their farm-to-table connection to discuss the power of food to connect people to their communities and to one another and shared a cooking demo featuring fresh ingredients from Nate’s farm, Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing, NY.

Chef Marc and Nate also discussed new survey findings that focus on the state of person-to-person connection in modern society; “connection deficits” and trends across Millennials, Gen X and Boomers; and the power of food to connect people with each other and those who produce it.

Join me in this recent interview with Chef Marc and Dairy Farmer Nate as they shared their own story to help illustrate the importance of connecting people, our food and the farms where it is produced.

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Marc Forgione (Chef) – NYC

Chef Marc Forgione is an Iron Chef competitor based out of New York City. Menus at his Michelin starred restaurant, Marc Forgione, change frequently to showcase fresh ingredients, local farmers and purveyors—he’s a perfect example of a chef who truly lives the farm-to-table aesthetic. He also owns and operates two American Cut Steakhouse locations, and he co-owns a Laotian-inspired restaurant called Khe-Yo in NYC. His restaurant used to be an old dairy warehouse, and he sources much of his dairy from Dutch Hollow Farm in nearby Schodack Landing, NY.

Nate Chittenden (Dairy Farmer) – Schodack Landing, NY

Nate dairies alongside his brother and father at Dutch Hollow Farm in upstate New York. They believe in opening the gates to their dairy and have created a visitor center out of an older barn that they use as home base for their farm tours. When Nate’s not caring for his cows, he’s dancing around his barn, entertaining them and even joined in on social – where he has a few thousand followers – in the #dairydanceoff .

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