Cooking Adventures with Spice Islands {Review}

Cooking Adventures with Spice Islands {Review}

I received samples of Spice Islands ($16.80 value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Do you love cooking? Better yet, do you love the science behind what makes food taste so amazing? I was recently introduced to Spice Islands EST. 1941! Spice Islands brand searches and provide spices and herbs of the highest quality. I received 3 seasonings: Merlot Salt, Black Truffle Salt, and Za’atar! They were properly shipped to my door. They craft and package them to deliver the most authentic and intense flavor possible. Guess what? They succeeded!

*I am bummed to say that a photo that was taken of one of the meals didn’t work out like I had hoped. =( I will update with a better photo on a later date!

I must say, I am impressed by the quality and flavor, especially with the Black Truffle Salt! We used this on our baked potato skins and used Za’atar on baked Salmon. Amazing! Black Truffle Salt is a blend of Italian Black Truffles and sea salt. It’s not your typical salt and it kept the flavors in with each bite. So good!

Za’atar contains subtle citrus undertones with a hint of nuttiness. This actually paired well with our baked salmon. Merlot salt is a fusion of rich red wine and sea salt which worked swimmingly in our family chili recipe! It was also delicious on a fish recipe as well. I love the versatility of the seasonings as there are a variety of recipes out there that you can make with them.

Not sure which recipe to make with your spices? Here is a brief list to give you an idea:

  • Blackened Cajun Catfish
  • Mulled Red Wine
  • Cayene Pecan Pie
  • Hot Chicken Sandwich

There are quite a few more recipes and can be found on the Spice Islands website.

If interested in trying out the Spice Islands products, you can purchase them online through one of their retailers, Pantryful.

Stay up to date with Spice Islands by following their social media channels: Facebook and Pinterest!

I would like to thank the folks over at Spice Islands for providing me with amazing full samples of the products. I can’t wait to continue using them on my cooking adventures!

Photo courtesy of Spice Islands


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