Children’s New Furry Playmate: Woobo {Product Promotion}

Children’s New Furry Playmate: Woobo {Product Promotion}

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just finished up in Las Vegas recently and AI technology took center stage and included all products including a children’s furry playmate! Woobo, one of the most creative toys available for kids, is a fully interactive AI best friend for kids to talk to, hug and play with. 

Woobo is a cuddly plush companion with an AI brain that responds to different questions with children, encouraging playful imagination.  Woobo also launched a younger version for kids ages 2 to 4, the Woobo Mini, and has been warming the hearts of children all over America. 

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Woobo can be purchased through their website as well as Amazon:

Video and photos courtesy of Woobo

Cynthia Tait

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