8 Easy But Super Effective Tips To Childproof Your Home

8 Easy But Super Effective Tips To Childproof Your Home

According to statistics, home accidents and unintentional injury is amongst the top “cause of death” of kids in the USA alone. Prevention can totally eliminate this danger and it can start by child proofing your home. Check out some of the childproofing steps and safety measures below as they can help keep your little ones safer at home.

Safety latches

Install safety latches on your cabinets and drawers to keep children from easily getting potentially poisonous materials. Do this at your medicine drawers and cabinets as well.

Toilet locks

Make use of toilet locks to keep the toilet lids closed when not in use. Kids can drown in just one inch of water so better be safe than sorry.

Cover electrical outlets

Use outlet protectors and safety caps at your electrical outlets at all times. Kids loves poking at holes so make sure that your outlets are all covered. For outlets on the ground like extension outlets, make sure they are placed safely and the plugs are difficult to pull out.

Safety gates

Install safety gates at top and bottom of stairs. Install one at the doorways of rooms too!

Corner bumpers

Install corner and edge bumpers on your furniture and other items or accessories with sharp or pointed corners.

Remove furniture near high windows

Make sure that your child can’t climb into your high windows by removing furniture away from it.

Check window blinds

Window blinds are strangulation hazards for children. Make sure that it doesn’t have looped cords into it and always lock into position whether they fully up or all the way down.

Secure furniture

Make sure that furniture, especially the tall and heavy ones are secured onto your wall to prevent them from tipping and falling. Use brackets and anchors to secure them. Also, make sure that heavy items goes at the bottom of the shelves or cabinets and lighter ones are on top.

These tips can certainly prevent any type of house accidents and unintentional injury that might happen inside your house. Remember, prevention is better than cure so follow them all immediately for the safety of your kids at home.

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