What’s INSIDE the BOX?

What’s INSIDE the BOX?
My Pure Makeup Life-Lindsey Jenn Clair, Sweet Minerals Makeup Educator
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Happy Friday!! Lindsey here. I hope you had a fantastic week and are gearing up for the weekend. Any plans??

Right now, you may be asking “yes, what’s INSIDE the BOX?” I was just as curious as you, in fact, it felt like Christmas. I couldn’t wait to tear it open to see what was inside…

Is it candy?

Is it bath and body products?

Hmmm, the first hint lies in my very first post. You probably already have a clue considering the title of the blog column is “My Pure Makeup Life” and the name of the products are at the very top of the post. 😉

Well, probably at this point you do see some candy in there, but that was just thrown in there before being shipped to give it a little something extra.

What is so great about what’s inside the box? Stay tuned for my post next week when we talk about mineral foundations and what the benefits are.

See you next week!!

My Pure Makeup Life-Lindsey Jenn

Lindsey Jenn

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