New Direct Sales Mama Blogger Program-JOIN TODAY!

New Direct Sales Mama Blogger Program-JOIN TODAY!

Hello mamas!

Are you currently in direct sales and would like to gain more exposure to your business? We here at Michigan Mama News have a new program you may be interested in learning about.

We understand that sometimes getting your products in front of the customer can feel daunting and frustrating at times. We would like to help you get noticed as you share your passion about the products that you sell whether it’s from a direct sales company or you built your business from the ground up!

Let us help you! How does it work?

Here is an example:

  • Direct Sales Company: Arbonne
  • Brief Bio about yourself and what got you into signing up for the company or what inspired you to create your biz
  • Pic/GIF/Boomerang of yourself using or wearing the products
  • Top Three Selling Products/Image of each product
  • Background information on the products/Highlights
  • Website/Social Media Links
  • Product Review-Allow us to review one of your products for extra exposure (Optional)
  • Banner feature on top sidebar of blog (for 1 full week)
  • Social Media Shares of your Direct Sales Mama Post on our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages

Since we understand there may be multiple consultants of the same direct sales company, we want to be fair and schedule those out within a couple months of each other to allow you to shine!! Take advantage of our waiting list!!

For everyone else who built their products/services biz from the ground up, you may sign up one week in advance to be scheduled and published live. Your Direct Sales Mama feature will be social networked all week and included in direct sales groups, etc. Again, your featured banner will be up for one week!!

What is the cost to be featured as our “Direct Sales Mama?” It will cost you only $20!! ($35 value)  Sounds great, right? This price is for a limited time!  We also believe that advertising/marketing should be affordable, especially if just starting out! You don’t have to reside in Michigan to participate! U.S. bloggers only.

If you would like more information and would like to be added to our waiting list, please email! We can’t wait to work with you!!

Lindsey Jenn

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