Halloween Candy Map 2019 & WORST Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy Map 2019 & WORST Halloween Candy

Top Halloween Candy by State

The map has a fresh new look and as always, here is the ranking of the most popular Halloween candy in each state in America, as well as the first and second runners up. The results are solidly grounded in over 12 years of sales data, and some of the favorites are pretty unexpected!

Check it out here.

WORST Halloween Candy (& Best too)

There’s a new #1 Worst this year. And here we didn’t think last year’s would ever be beaten…

The study is based on surveys taken of over 30,000 of CandyStore.com customers as well as results compiled from similar surveys done by other outlets. Really gets the opinions flowing. 🙂

Check it out here.

*Photos and content courtesy of http://www.candystore.com

Cynthia Tait

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