Monsters are Afraid of Babies – Book Showcase

Monsters are Afraid of Babies – Book Showcase

MMN Book Blogger-Cynthia Tait

I received a copy of Monsters are Afraid of Babies” ($14.99 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

“Adjusting to life with a new sibling can be tough for a child; it may seem like a monster is invading their space!  In this humorous and boldly colorful read, children follow a boy who frightens the creatures in the closet with the help of his baby sister. 

A perfect Halloween-time picture book which:

  • Makes reading fun with whimsical wordplay and rhyme
  • Features vivid illustrations that will enthrall children
  • Creates meaningful metaphors about xenophobia (fear of strangers), anxiety, and facing fear
  • Finds humor in adjusting to “new creatures” in the house”

Monsters are Afraid of Babies introduces all those special things a baby brings with them…the crying, the smells, the turning upside down of things, the breaking of things, the crazy, the creepy, and the loud.  It’s a fun book to share with siblings of a new baby and lightens the mood of all the new special things a baby brings to the household.  And even though this is a MONSTER book, the illustrations are funny and non-scary to little ones reading it. 

All in all it’s a cute, quick children’s picture book geared for Kindergarten to grade 1, but I’m sure toddlers would surely enjoy it also. 

Monsters are Afraid of Babies can be purchased at Amazon or anywhere children’s books are sold. 

About the Author

Award -winning writer Nicholas Tana has been hired as a consultant for Disney, Twentieth Century Fox and NFL in addition to managing his own production and consulting company, Smart Media.  In 2009, Tana created the successfully-zany children’s animation show, The Adventures of Bony Macaroni, distributed by Bejuba! Entertainment.

Tana shares his expertise as a public speaker by participating on entertainment panels at notable conferences and film festivals like Comic-Con, HollyShorts Film Festival, ScareLA, and The Sedona International Film Festival.  Tana has most recently been hired by Disney Publishing to write a story about Snow White, as part of its 5 Minute Easter Stores, which will appear in 2020. 

As a writer, producer, and director, he is about to take on his greatest role – father in October 2019 – just in time for this newly published children’s book. 

“The story was inspired by a real-life event with my nephew after he refused to go to sleep without his baby sister, convinced ‘monsters are afraid of babies,’” says Tana.  “I hope these books help people face their emotional monsters in a healthy and humorous manner.”  

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MMN Book Blogger-Cynthia Tait
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