See How a Free Ultrasound Can Save a Life & Give Hope #SaveTheStorks

See How a Free Ultrasound Can Save a Life & Give Hope #SaveTheStorks

Save the Storks is a wonderful organization based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The mission statement of Save the Storks is to promote life!

I have met with the president of this company Paul Issacs, and he is one of the most amazing leaders I have ever sat down with. Very few people I have met have an authentic passion for what they do. Paul is one of those people.  I was excited that my company Double My Smile, will be able to help by providing a free fundraising opportunity for Save the Storks.  Anyone who shops Amazon can go to Double My Smile and download the free Amazon Smile App shortcut. There is a large donor base for the organization, but most people just use the standard Amazon App and your non-profit gets nothing. Now with the Amazon Smile App through Double My Smile, not one purchase goes by without the non-profit of choice getting 0.5% of almost every purchase.  There is also a Double Smile donation sign up option too! Getting the app is a game-changer for so many people that are already shopping Amazon Smile but want the convenience of an app.

About Save the Storks

Now, I have to be completely honest. When I first heard of Save the Storks and the Stork van, I was wondering how are they actually getting women to step into this van? Asking someone to get a free ultrasound is one thing… Getting it done inside a van is another.  What I found out is these are not your run of the mill sprinter vans. They are equipped with massage chairs, state of the art ultrasound equipment, privacy blinds, and much more.

Since 2012, there have been over 5,000 lives saved and now 48 stork buses in operation. Going mobile is how they get it done!

How can you help?  One easy way to help right now is to pick Save the Storks as your non-profit of choice when you shop Amazon Smile. Get the App to stay connected at Please share this video promo for Save the Storks as well. This is a very moving video when a mother makes her decision for life inside a Stork van.

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