From the Author of the Beloved Classic “Is Your Momma a Llama?” Comes “If the Shoe Fits”- Book Showcase

From the Author of the Beloved Classic “Is Your Momma a Llama?” Comes “If the Shoe Fits”- Book Showcase

For all those who’ve loved reading “Is Your Mama a Llama?” (Scholastic), to their children, grandchildren, and younger students for the last three decades, author Deborah Guarino is now introducing a brand new title for her devoted readers.

“If the Shoe Fits,” available November 28th from Schiffer Kids, an imprint of Schiffer Publishing, is a comical fantasy, told in rollicking, contemporary verse for older readers ages 7 to adult. This whimsical spin on a classic fairy tale whose central character and narrator, “Murray,” was inspired by the great Mel Brooks and the late author, Isaac Asimov, reveals who actually made and sold a certain pair of legendary glass slippers to a frantic fairy godmother and the hilarious chaos that ensues after someone he secretly loves finds out about it!

Great fun for early readers, a very entertaining read-aloud for groups and a sweet, romantic gift for couples, “If the Shoe Fits…” also marks the debut of the brilliant illustrator and talented animation artist Seth Hippen, whose work on such hits as “Ice Age,” “Rio,” “Monster House,” and “Alice in Wonderland,” made him the perfect person to bring Murray and the rest of the cast in this funny, touching story to life.


But what really sets this title apart from typical picture books is the cadence and sophistication of the language used throughout, which has a distinctly New York sense of humor, flavor and feel, a feature that will really appeal to those older readers—especially parents and teachers—who long for something a little less saccharine and simplistic when it comes to books they’d like to share with the kids in their lives.  And that language, Ms. Guarino admits, was inspired by two of her favorite menches from Brooklyn,   Mel Brooks and her personal friend and mentor, the late, prolific author, Isaac Asimov.

“I’ve admired Mel Brooks for many years, and both he and Isaac shared a similar heritage, being nice Jewish boys raised in Brooklyn,” Guarino says. “Although I don’t think they ever actually met, their sense of humor, the cadence of their voices and even their physical appearance all inspired ‘Murray,’ whose own love story is at the center of If the Shoe Fits…

In fact, the author adds, that’s also the reason the book is actually dedicated, in part, to both the men who inspired it, as well as to her personal loved ones. She also felt inspired by the amazing art of newcomer Seth Hippen, who had never illustrated a picture book before this one.

“I saw an article online about Seth’s incredible illustrations on the flattened-out brown paper bags his three daughters used to carry their lunches to school on Fridays,” Guarino remarks. “Laid together, they formed these hilarious triptychs, and his wife, Karalenn, displayed them on his website. His style was so unique and his sense of humor so creative, I knew he was the perfect person to illustrate If the Shoe Fits… and I e-mailed him immediately. And that very day, as if Fate itself intervened, his youngest daughter came home with a copy of Is Your Mama a Llama? from her school library, as if to establish my credibility as an author and how serious I was about working with him!”

Coincidence? This author thinks not, and despite some real challenges and geographic distance—she lives in New Jersey and Seth and his family live in Utah—If the Shoe Fits… is at last a reality and each of them is excited to introduce it—and the loveable Murray—to readers everywhere, just in time for the holidays!


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